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Tired of Blemishes, Whiteheads, Blackheads & Breakouts?

Get the Regimen You Need to Fight Breakouts at Any Age


MORE than a regimen...
it's what SKIN CARE
for Teen Acne
should be.

Order yours now &

Save 15%

MORE than a regimen...
it's what SKIN CARE
for Adult Acne
should be.

Order yours now &

Save 15%



FACT: ADULT ACNE & TEEN ACNE ARE are 2 different challenges.


That’s why we offer 2 proven regimen -- AMEND and AMEND ND.


Stop Blemishes, Whiteheads & Blackheads at the Source

AMEND IS OUR EXCLUSIVE acne fighting regimen developed by a Harvard trained
dermatologist especially to remove the dead skin cells that allow oils to build up
and cause breakouts.


Dry Skin? AMEND ND Fights Breakouts and Moisturizes Skin, too

AMEND ND IS A SPECIAL REGIMEN carefully chosen from products by leading laboratories
around the world to control acne for those concerned about dry skin.


We tested both regimens ourselves before making them available to you!


Everything we offer is rigorously tested to deliver results. If it’s not up to our standards,

it’s not part of the AMEND regimen!


Speed Up Removal of the Oils that Block Pores

THE AMEND REGIMEN STARTS WITH Gly/Sal pads to speed up removal of dead skin cells that allow
harmful oils to build up. The pads reduce blemishes and blackheads and permit the skin to heal.


Cleanse Below Your Skin’s Surface to Stop the Bacteria that Cause Acne

NEXT, OUR UNIQUE AND POWERFUL DEEP CLEANSER thoroughly removes dirt, oils and impurities, providing
anti-bacterial protection against acne forming bacteria that thrives deep within hair follicles
and pores below your skin’s surface.


Get Extra Protection from the Sun -- Without Greasy, Heavy Sunscreen

FINALLY, FOR PROTECTION AGAINST SUN that can inflame skin, there’s our Oil Free Moisturizing Sunscreen.


It is the perfect sunscreen for people who don't like the feel of sunscreen, providing high SPF 30
protection against sunburn without the heavy, greasy feeling of some sunscreens.


This moisturizing sunscreen also prevents premature skin aging due to the sun.




Natural Soap-Free, Fragrance-Free Cleanser Softens & Hydrates Skin

AMEND ND'S REGIMEN STARTS WITH A CLEANSER that’s gentle enough for you to use over all your body.


Fragrance-free and soap-free, this cleanser uses thermal spring water and other natural ingredients,
such as , jojoba, shea butter and glycerol triglycerides to soothe, soften and moisturize your skin
while removing excess sebum (oil), make-up and other impurities from your skin.


The cleanser also restores the natural protective barrier that some harsh acne treatments can disturb.


Reduce Skin Inflammation & Rejuvenate Your Skin

NEXT THE REGIMEN FEATURES A SOOTHING lotion that reduces the inflammation associated with acne.


PLUS, the lotion contains advanced anti-aging ingredients that can rejuvenate your skin.


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